, Mornington Peninsula
Available Services

Bush Fire Prevention

At AFPM we specialise in Bush Fire Prevention and Vegetation Management with a low environmental impact.

Hedge Maintenance

From a small garden border to a large cypress lined driveway, whether it's just a regular trim or a substantial hair cut there is no job we can't handle.

Menzi Muck

a light environmental footprint for sensitive areas
The amazing Menzi Muck with its mulching head working where nothing else can.


From a vacant block to acreage our tractor is small enough to get into the tight spots but with the grunt to take on the longest grass.


The compact size of the ride-on slasher hides its power.
From a paddock to a vacant block of land we have a solution to your slashing needs, with either our ride-on slasher, or full size tractor.

Walk Behind Tractor

Our walk behind tractor has Mulching Mower and Rotary Hoe attachments making it very handy where large machinery can't go, but don't let its size fool you - it's no toy.

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